Register Online After January 15, 2023

Contact your local American Legion Post for your official selection email letter which was emailed to them that will provide detailed information on how to register online. The letter contains the proper information for you to submit under the correct sponsoring post. The website for online registration is very specific and should be typed into the address bar, not a search engine. A confirmation email will be sent approximately 7-10 business days after you register online.

Once registered, delegates should download a copy of the Boys State Handbook and Packing List. Delegates should also stay in contact with their local, sponsoring American Legion Post, for information on their District orientation date/location. Important information is distributed at these orientations, including how to apply for the coveted Samsung Scholarship. Make plans to attend a District Orientation.

Your post is your first point of contact as they are your sponsors.

Delegate Handbook

Packing List


Orientation Slideshow

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Orientation Outline

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Med/Signature Form


Please note the Samsung Scholarship is available from The American Legion National Headquarters not The Department of Iowa. All questions should be directed to National.

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