American Legion Education Institute

Basic Training

The American Legion’s official training program for officers, members, Legion College applicants and those who simply want to expand their knowledge of the nation’s largest veterans service organization is now available online. Already taken the old course? The American Legion Extension Institute has been rewritten, updated, streamlined and enhanced with videos, digital photos, clickable links, a historical timeline, and additional features. The program should take less than two hours to complete. It is divided into six sections, with a quiz at the end of each one, followed by a final exam.

How Does it Work?

Course Structure

The Course is arranged into 5 major topic areas and 1 concluding section. Each section will present information about the topic via text, images, and video.


At the end of each topic area, there is a quiz that will help gauge your understanding of the material. When you’ve completed each section quiz, you’ll be able to take the final exam. The exam will take roughly ~30 minutes to complete.

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Topics Covered

History & Organization

Learn why and how The American Legion came into existence after World War I.

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

The foremost pillar of American Legion service, learn the ways in which the organization is dedicated to compassionate care, timely delivery of benefits, career development and other areas of advocacy for those who have served in uniform.

National Security

Outlined here is The American Legion’s position on a strong, well-equipped and effectively deployed U.S. military, including a decent quality of life for those now in uniform and retirees of the Armed Forces.


This pillar of American Legion service is filled with respect for the nation that those in the military swore with their lives to defend, from proper treatment of the U.S. flag to voter education to youth programs that make life-changing differences.

Children & Youth

The American Legion’s long-held position that “every child deserves a square deal” is explained here, to include such programs and efforts as the Child Welfare Foundation, the Family Support Network, Temporary Financial Assistance and other initiatives that aim to help children and youth follow their dreams, no matter their circumstances.

Course Conclusion

See how all the pieces of American Legion service and advocacy fit together to best serve our nation and learn where other committees and commissions play vital roles.

Final Exam

Take an online test to see how well you understand the nation’s largest veterans service organization.