department commander

James B. Kessler
Department Commander

Lake Park, IA

Motto: “Rising, Stronger, Wiser”


Earning his eligibility as a Jet Engine Mechanic in the United States Air Force, Jim Kessler has been a continuous member of the American Legion for 50 years. As a Legionnaire, Jim has executed duties and held positions in the Post, County, District and Department levels. In addition to his service in the Legion Family, Jim has also served his community of Lake Park, Iowa through various organizations including his church, Dickinson County Veterans Board, and local schools.

Commander Jim’s Goals:

  • Assurance that benefits for the veterans and spouse are maintained
  • Children & Youth programs are fully utilized
  • Educating the public
  • Getting the Legion Family to be recruiters for the programs
  • Membership
  • Help make the Department of Iowa number 1

Commander Jim’s Projects:

  • Work to get all veterans off the street
  • Raise funds to help provide shelters for those veterans who are homeless
  • Support the Fisher Houses