Job Openings

Department Claims Representative

Job Description

The Department Service Representative will assist veterans, their spouses and children in processing claims for benefits with the Veterans Administration (VA).  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Interview veterans, spouses or children for potential VA claims

Determine entitlement to benefits and services by:

  • Determine periods of military service
  • Evaluate disabilities and needs
  • Determine disabilities which may be linked to military service
  • Determine medical evidence necessary to claim disability benefits

Assist veterans, spouses or children in completing benefit claims to the VA

  • Determine forms required for claim
  • Identify additional documents necessary for submitting claim (DD-214, Marriage/Birth/Death certificates)
  • Determine where and how to obtain medical evidence
  • Review VA decisions and determine accuracy of VA determinations to evaluate if an appeal is necessary
  • Review VA decisions with claimant(s)

Assist veterans, spouses or children in the Appeal process

  • Review claim to determine if additional evidence could change the decision
  • Insure that requests for Appeal are submitted in a timely manner
  • Prepare argument for Decision Review Officer (DRO) and Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) hearings

Work with the American Legion National Service Department

  • Be accredited by the National Service Department
  • Complete National Service Officer School
  • Follow National Service Department guidelines

Work with the Department of Veterans Affairs

Become accredited by the Veterans Benefits Administration

  • Complete VA required training
  • Follow the standards of conduct and procedures for the VA Regional Office (VARO)

Attend American Legion and veteran functions, performing duties as assigned by the Department Service Officer or Department Adjutant

  • American Legion Mid-Winter Conference
  • American Legion Department (State) Convention
  • American Legion Spring and Fall District Conferences
  • Veterans Job Fairs
  • Veterans Stand Downs or Outreach programs

Adhere to The American Legion of Iowa Personnel Policy

Other duties as may be assigned

Department Programs Director

Job Description

The Department Programs Director performs a variety of administrative and clerical duties to support and maintain State and National programs of The American Legion. Acts as a liaison between office staff, American Legion members, and participants in the state and national programs, and maintains information and databases for all adult and youth-related programs.

Assists The Department of Iowa with communications and media, both print and electronic, including the Iowa Legionnaire, The American Legion of Iowa website, electronic newsletters, and social media.

The ideal candidate will be experienced in working with various computer software programs (E.g., MS Office, Adobe), databases, office administration, WordPress or other CMS platforms, technologically savvy, and the functions of The American Legion. Must be able to work independently with little supervision. Must be well organized, flexible, and enjoy the challenges of supporting American Legion programs.

The candidate must possess strong written and verbal communication skills, strong decision-making ability coupled with a strong sense for prioritizing work, and attention to detail.

Duties Include, but are not limited to:

  1. Programs Administration to include, but is not limited to the following:
    • Veterans Employment & Education Awards
    • Community Service Programs & Awards
    • Children and Youth Programs & Awards
    • Fifth Grade Flag Essay Program
    • Vets of Valor
    • Scouting Program & Awards
    • American Legion Baseball
    • Oratorical Contest
    • Junior Shooting Sports Program
    • Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
    • Firefighter of the Year
    • American Legion Riders
    • Educator of the Year
    • The American Legion of Iowa Boys State
    • Department Bowling Contest
    • Department Legionnaire of the Year
    • Consolidated Post Reports & Awards
  2. The Iowa Legionnaire Newspaper
  3. Bulk Mailings
  4. Correspondence (Electronic or Print)
  5. Commission and Committee Meetings
  6. Liaison to the Department Historian
  7. Liaison to The American Legion Media Alliance
  8. Department Website (WordPress) Maintenance
  9. Department Social Media
  10. Public Speaking and Presentations
  11. Other Duties as Assigned

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