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Department Mid-Winter Conference

2023 Mid-Winter Conference materials found here.

Recent News & Updates

2022 PDC Rally

PDC Rally, Unity and Colflesh Trophies On Saturday, November 19th, members of The American Legion of Iowa Family gathered at the annual Past District Commander’s Membership Rally, hosted by Van Meter American Legion Post #403. The Unity Award is given to the district...

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SAL Member of the Year Nomination

TAL Commander Randy Johnson and SAL Detachment Commander Jim Lastovka presenting Robert Hines with his award. It is with great pleasure that Robert E. Hines was nominated for the Detachment of Iowa Sons of The American Legion Member of the Year Award for 2022. When I...

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New 2022-2023 Department Commander

Department of Iowa, Thank you for electing me your Department Commander. I want to begin by giving a shout out to Ed Rohner. Contested elections are tough. The whole process can get out of hand very quickly and divide our legionnaires more than they already are simply...

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Why Join The Legion?

The American Legion is the nation’s largest and most influential veterans service organization. Made up of U.S. wartime veterans and their families, the Legion has made significant contributions to veterans and local communities.

Legion Posts

The local American Legion post is the foundation workforce of this hundred year old veteran organization. Without the hard work of members and leadership of the local post, very little would be accomplished by The American Legion locally and nationally.

Legion Programs

American Legion Programs change lives. From our Support Programs to Children and Youth, Legion Programs make an impact in the lives of those involved, thereby impacting our communities for the better. Be sure to take a look.