Leadership Opportunities

The American Legion provides leadership opportunities for members on all levels of the organization.

These opportunities begin at the Post level. They include running for one of the Post Officer positions or serving on one of your Post’s committees. Many counties in Iowa also have county associations and organizations involving The American Legion Posts in the county.

Above the Post and county level, The American Legion of Iowa is divided into nine (9) Districts. The District level provides greater interaction with the Department (state) level of our organization. There are a number of officer positions within each District, as well as opportunities to serve on both District and Department Commissions and Committees.

The Department level of our organization provides opportunities for Department Officers and Commission and Committee members. There are also opportunities to serve on National Commissions, Committees and Councils for those who have proven leadership abilities on the Department and District levels.

Submitting Nominations

Many officer positions and most committee and commission positions are appointed. To be considered for an appointment, please complete a Nomination Form and return it to the Department of Iowa. Your information will be forwarded to the Liaison Committee.

For those seeking an elected office, it is recommended (but not required) that the individual is endorsed by the local Post. Once the individual is endorsed by the Post, forward the Endorsement Form to Department. It is also recommended to include a Nomination Form with background information. Department will then direct the information to the Liaison Committee.