District Spring Conferences

The Spring District Conferences are among the most important meetings we have in The American Legion.  Decisions will be made which impact all of us as Legionnaires.

  1. Department Convention Committees: The Convention Committees at Department Convention recommend action for the Convention on the resolutions presented to the convention as well as other business assigned to them.  Much of the deliberation of the Department Convention occurs in the Convention Committees.  Each district must assign one delegate to each of the Convention Committees.  Those assignments are made at the Spring District Conference.  If you intend to have an impact on the decisions of the Department Convention, one of the most effective ways to do that is by being assigned to a Convention Committee at your District Spring Conference.
  2. National Convention Delegates & Alternates: The delegates and alternates to the National Convention are elected at the District Spring Conferences and ratified at the Department Convention.  This year the convention will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  3. Department Leadership School: Each year the Department of Iowa offers a leadership school to instruct and educate District and Department leaders and future leaders of The American Legion.  The Department covers the cost of six (6) attendees per district, and those selections are made at the District Spring Conference.
  4. District Officer Elections: District Officers are elected at the District Spring Conferences for the coming year (July-June).  Becoming a District officer provides a unique leadership opportunity for those Legionnaires up to the challenge.
  5. District Chair Appointments: Those wishing to have a positive impact on our programs and policies are encouraged to seek appointments to District positions for our American Legion programs.
  6. Officer & Committee Reports: Hear reports from Department and National officers, Department Headquarters staff members, Department Service Office staff members, and Department and District Commission and Committee Chairs.  All will help you gain knowledge of American Legion programs, policies and positions.

Anyone seeking to learn more about The American Legion or wanting to get more involved is encouraged to attend your District Spring Conference.  Not only will you leave with a better understanding of the organization, there is a good possibility you will make some new friends as well.

2023 Spring District Conference Schedule

2023 District Spring Conference Staff Schedule

2023 Spring Headquarter’s Report

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2023 Spring Service Office Report