national convention

21 National Convention

August 27 – September 2, 2021
Phoenix, Arizona

The annual National Convention is the governing body of The American Legion.  Each of the Legion’s 55 departments – the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, France, Mexico and Philippines – is entitled to a minimum of five voting delegates to the national convention. A department is granted one extra delegate, a member in good standing, for each 1,000 members (or major fraction thereof) 30 days before the convention. 

Delegates and Alternates for the Department of Iowa are selected at the Spring District Conferences and ratified at the annual Department Convention.  If you are interested in attending the National Convention, please contact your District Commander.  If you are not elected as a Delegate or Alternate at the Spring District Conference, you may still attend the Natioanl Convention as a Guest.

Registration for Delegates, Alternates, and Guests to the National Convention is $25.  Registration forms are available at District Spring Conferences or can be downloaded below.

All room reservations must be made through The American Legion, Department of Iowa.  Forms are available at District Spring Conferences or can be downloaded below.  

National Convention Updates

  • Schedule of Events (as of 08/19/2021)
  • Iowa Party – The Form Instructions initially and incorrectly reported the Iowa Party would be held at Post #1.  The Iowa Party will be held at Post #41, 715 S 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Guests are Welcome – Our convention is no longer a member only event.  Everyone can now attend, as in the past.
  • Pre-register – Convention walk-ins will not be permitted this year. All attendees must register in advance with the Department.
  • Convention Parade has been cancelled.
  • Band Contest has been cancelled.
  • ANAVICUS Breakfast has been cancelled and replaced with an invitation only reception for new inductees.

Forms and Instructions:  Delegate, Alternate, & Guest Registration is now closed.

Special Event Registration: 

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