A Special Message From The Commander

A Veterans Day Message

November 11th will soon be upon us in a few days. We will once again with hearts filled with gratitude and eyes filled with tears, thank all the brave men and women who sacrificed so very much so we could enjoy the freedoms we cherish today.

All of these heroic deeds can never be forgotten. We celebrate and remember the veterans of the past who took the much needed and necessary action to secure this Nation. We also celebrate and remember those today all over the globe representing the United States, and those who will in the future.

Let us always remember that during a war many die but there is not one service member who fails. Let us never forget those heroes and heroines who died to save our country and protect us, fighting with integrity and honor. Nothing ever will be sufficient enough to show our gratitude to these veterans for all they have done. However, we can start with the words, “Thank you.”

Lest We Forget,

J. Scott Moline
Department Commander