UPDATE: The arrangements for RAGBRAI have changed considerably at the last moment. We will not be having a booth at any of the other overnight towns or any of the meeting towns. We are trying to notify all our volunteers that their services are no longer needed. That doesn’t mean we are any less grateful to them for stepping forward If you had agreed to take a shift, please accept our heartfelt thanks. It is dedicated Legion family members like those volunteers that make our organizations better.

Most Iowans are familiar with the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI). The American Legion has taken part in every RAGBRAI through the efforts of local posts. In our centennial year, RAGBRAI has selected The American Legion and one of two charities for special recognition.

The American Legion of Iowa is sponsoring a team of 10 riders to represent our organization on the ride. A special biking jersey is available for purchase for any Legionnaire wishing to help promote The American Legion on RAGBRAI or other bicycle rides in which you participate.

The ride will begin in Council Bluffs and stop in Atlantic on Day 1 (Sunday, July 21). Then, the ride will continue from Atlantic to Winterset on Day 2; Winterset to Indianola on Day 3; Indianola to Centerville on Day 4, Centerville to Fairfield on Day 5; Fairfield to Burlington on Day 6 ; and complete the ride from Burlington to Keokuk on Day 7 (Saturday, July 27). Further details can be found at www.ragbrai.com.

Be sure to follow RAGBRAI now and along the ride:

Miles & Feet of Climb Listed

Council Bluffs to Atlantic (SUNDAY – JULY 21) 58 miles 2,592 ft.
Atlantic to Winterset (MONDAY – JULY 22) 68 miles 2,044 ft.
Winterset to Indianola (TUESDAY – JULY 23) 39 miles 1,443 ft.
Indianola to Centerville (WEDNESDAY – JULY 24) 78 miles 2,977 ft.
Centerville to Fairfield (THURSDAY – JULY 25) 65 miles 2,328 ft.
Fairfield to Burlington (FRIDAY – JULY 26) 57 miles 1,626 ft.
Burlington to Keokuk (SATURDAY – JULY 27) 62 miles 1,725 ft.


427 miles 14,735 ft.