Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions now and in the next few months, it was necessary to re-evaluate all American Legion activities and meetings in the coming months.

It was determined that The National American Legion College would have to be rescheduled from November 1-6, 2020, to March 20-26, 2021. By changing the dates, this serves two purposes; a 2020 class can still be convened, and pandemic restrictions may ease up and allow a better class experience.

Also, to assist departments, the application deadline has been extended to October 1, 2020. Extending the deadline will enable departments to contact their applicants and confirm that the new dates will work with their schedules and submit replacements for those who cannot attend.

Between now and October 1, 2020, please contact your applicants and verify their attendance for the new dates. Once verified, send your confirmation to Ken George at kgeorge@legion.org, he will update the roster that is forwarded to the college review committee. If you have any other questions regarding Legion College, please contact Ken George or the Internal Affairs & Membership Division.