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Greetings Legionnaires,

It’s been a year since The American Legion’s Mission Blue Post Assistance Program went into effect following the adoption of Resolution No. 36 by the National Executive Committee during the 2020 Fall Meetings. The program initially provided eligible American Legion posts who were financially affected by COVID-19 government restrictions with up to a $1,000 grant. These funds are used to pay current or past due rent, mortgage, utilities and insurance premiums. However, after carefully analyzing the data and reviewing feedback we’ve received over the last year, we have decided to make a few changes to the grant policy, guidelines and requirements.

Here is what the Mission Blue grant will look like moving forward:

  • Posts that qualified under the original criteria are now eligible to receive up to $2,000 in Mission Blue grants. 
  • Posts that have already been granted funds under the initial Mission Blue grant program may be eligible to receive whatever the remaining funds may be of that $2,000 cap, PROVIDED THEY MEET THE CPR AND THE INSURANCE REQUIREMENT.  (This is an additional $1,000 under most circumstances; very few posts have requested to receive less than the previous grant cap.)  If a post is reapplying for additional funds, please have them submit the application along with a copy of a certificate of insurance for their current policy.  (Please reference sample for guidance on this document.)  First time applicants that meet all the criteria can receive a check for up to $2,000. 
  • Posts that are first time applicants and DO NOT meet the CPR and/or the insurance requirement may now qualify for up to $1,000 total.  We encourage posts that do not mee the insurance requirement to apply for funds to purchase the proper insurance so that they may reapply for an additional $1,000 at a later date.  Posts that fall into this category must still meet all other requirements to be considered for a Mission Blue grant.
  • The Mission Blue instructions and applications have been updated to reflect all these changes.  I have provided the revised application (attached) and posts will be able to access it online at sometime early next week. 
  • The reporting requirement maintains the same for ALL Mission Blue grants.  Post should submit the report,  which is mailed along with the checks and fulfillment letter to department, within 6 months of the check issue date.  Posts that are delinquent may be billed by the Finance Division to pay back those funds.  It is recommended that posts that are reapplying for additional grant funds should submit the grant report for any previous checks, however it is not required to do so in order to receive those funds.


  • A post must have a current consolidated post report on file.
  • A post must have filed an IRS 990 within the prescribed due date.  Please provide copy of  IRS Form 990 or provide Employer Identification Number (EIN) for verification.
  • A post must have filed all other required forms and reports as prescribed by the departments.  Current Post Officer Reporting Form must be on file or submitted with application.
  • A post must have actively participated in one or more The American Legion(s) within the last 18 months.  Please provide a summary of the programs in which the post has participated.
  • A post must have a financial need.  Please provide a summary of the financial needs of the post.
  • A post must provide a certificate of insurance naming The American National Headquarters as an additional insured (copy of insurance declaration will be attached to application).
  • A post must provide documentation indicating that the post is properly incorporated.  Please provide the incorporation number or business number of the post for verification.  You may also provide a copy of your most recent Biennial Report or a Certificate of Existence from the Secretary of State.

The funds from this grant program shall be used exclusively for the following:

  • Current and past due mortgage principal and interest or
  • Current and past due real estate rents or
  • Current and past due insurance premiums or
  • Current and past due utilities.

The American Legion posts receiving this grant are required to submit a true and accurate report outlining how the funds were used, signed by the post finance officer, and certified by the post commander or post adjutant within six-months of receipt of the grant funds or no later than February 22, 2022. Whichever comes first.

The fillable application form below with the instruction sheet provides more submission information and where to send the application upon completion.

Please refer questions to Department Adjutant John Derner:

Download Application (PDF)

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