We know that the posts are anxiously waiting for the 2021 cards to be delivered so that they will be ready when the renewal notices come out on July 1. At last we can give you some firm idea of when that will be. The last of the National membership materials should be arriving at Headquarters this week. A box is being created for each county containing the cards and other materials for the posts in that county. Those boxes will be put in the hands of the District Commanders during their orientation on June 25. We trust that the District officers can have your post’s materials in your hands in time to reply to those first renewals that come in.

UPDATE: Distribution of the 2021 membership cards to the 2020-2021 District Commanders happened on June 25. The District Commanders are organizing delivery of the membership cards and information to the posts. Renewal notices should begin arriving in our members mailboxes in the next few days. We requested the July 1 date as our first renewal notice. Remember, all Iowa posts can transmit membership online. That simplifies the whole process. If your post hasn’t explored that, now is a great time to learn. Remember that some of our members are renewing online too. Sign up for MyLegion.org if your post hasn’t already and get acquainted with the new processes.