Iowa Stays In Membership Top 10

The October 16 National membership report has Iowa continuing to rank in the Top 10. We easily reached and exceeded the 55% target on Oct 9. The next date is 65% on November 14. We need 655 more members in our Department to reach that goal. Is your post at or above 65% of your goal? If not, Iowa will have trouble reaching that mark.

More important is the comparison with last year. If you look to the right you will see that as of today, Iowa is 524 behind last year on this date. It is important to stay ahead of last year if we are to grow by the end of the year. The next two months are a very important time.

The Buddy Check program is coming back and will almost certainly become a National priority annually. Veterans Day is a great time to call your members and check on their well-being. Remind them that if they have any problems that The American Legion was formed to help if possible. Make them welcome to your post and show them you care.