This summer, both Department and National have voted to increase their dues by $5 each. Below is a breakdown of the dues rates and how they will change when the increases take effect.

As of now As of Januray 1, 2024 As of July 1, 2024
Department $15.50 Department $20.50 Department $20.50
National $18.50 National $18.50 National $23.50
District $1 – $3 District $1 – $3 District* $1 – $3
Total $35 – $37 Total $40 – $42 Total $45 – $47
*Subject to change

Note: For the correct District dues amount, please see a current transmittal.

Dues transmitted by the Post to the Department of Iowa received at Department before January 10, 2024, will be accepted at the old rate. Transmittals received after January 10, 2024, will be processed at the new rate.

Only a post can set the per capita dues for its members. Submit the Post Dues Increase Reporting Form to the Department of Iowa if your post wishes to increase its dues. All forms must be received on or before November 15, 2023, to be reflected on the January renewal notice mailed by National Headquarters.

Post Data Reports will also be sent in the spring. The Post Data Report is due by April 15, 2024, to increase dues effective July 1, 2024, for the new 2025 membership year.

Please return the form with updated dues to:

The American Legion, Department of Iowa
720 Lyon Street
Des Moines, IA  50309

Any questions regarding the dues increase should be directed to Ann Haack, Membership Clerk, or John Derner, Department Adjutant, at 515-282-5068.

Dues Increase Letter to Posts (PDF)

Post Dues Increase Reporting Form (PDF)