Governor Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature will be acting on a proclamation celebrating the centennial of The American Legion and recognizing the period of March 15 through September 16, 1919 as the period of formation of The American Legion in Iowa.

Legion family members are encouraged to come to the Capitol on the morning of March 19, 2019 to witness passage by the House of Representatives and Senate and signing by Governor Reynolds.
In order to be in the gallery in time, Legion family members should be on the second floor of the Capitol Rotunda outside the House chambers by 8 AM on March 19. Legion staff will be there to provide directions to the gallery. The House of Representatives will act on the proclamation at 8:30 with the Senate scheduled at 9. There will be time to move from the House gallery to the Senate gallery before the Senate takes action. Following legislative action, Governor Reynolds will sign the proclamation in a public ceremony.

Watch for the next regular issue of the newsletter for any changes but make plans now to attend the ceremony on March 19.

Also remember that the centennial coins go on sale beginning at Noon EDT on March 14. Introductory pricing will be in place for 24 hours. The introductory price will be $5 less than the standard price. Introductory prices for the silver $1 coin will be $54.95 for the proof coin and $51.95 for the uncirculated coin. For the clad 50 cent piece those prices will be $27.95 and $25.95 during the introductory period.
Purchases can be made through the US Mint Website or by calling the US Mint at 1-800-872-6468.