Memorandum to:  All Legion Leadership

From:  Daniel S. Wheeler – National Adjutant

Subject:  Resolution #3 – Cancellation of 2020 National Convention and awarding of 2026 National Convention

Attached (click on the link) please find a copy of Resolution #3, originating from the NEC Subcommittee on Resolutions concerning the cancellation of the 2020 national convention in Louisville, Kentucky and the awarding of the 2026 national convention.

Although all the votes are not yet cast, I would like you to know that a majority of the NEC has approved this resolution; therefore, the 2020 national convention will be cancelled and the 2026 national convention will be awarded to Louisville, Kentucky.

When we receive the rest of the votes, we will provide you with a final tally.  For clarification’s sake:  the national commander consulted at length with the Advisory Committee to the National Commander concerning the safety of The American Legion Family and the obligations which were forthcoming during the summer months.  They recommended to the national commander, who accepted their recommendation, that the attached resolution be sent to the NEC.

What the resolution does not say is that all national Legion meetings between now and September 30 have been cancelled.  That includes but may not be limited to:

  • National Oratorical Finals
  • Leading Candidate Orientations
  • DSO School
  • Membership Workshop
  • Junior Shooting Sports
  • Boys Nation
  • American Legion Baseball regional tournaments
  • The American Legion World Series
  • Legacy Run
  • Americanism Conferences
  • Children & Youth Conference
  • System Worth Saving and ROAR visits
  • And any other minor meetings that may have been planned

It has not yet been determined when the national commander, the national vice commanders, national staff and the leading candidates will be allowed to travel again.  Last night, 1,800 people in the United States died from the coronavirus, and we do not know when this scourge will end.  That being said, we do not wish to expose any Legionnaire unnecessarily to the possibility of contamination.  We will let you know when travel will again be authorized, but we do not expect it to happen in the next few months.

The NEC, by passing Resolution 3, has also cancelled the SAL National Convention and has given up all rooms contracted for Louisville, Kentucky, for all members of The American Legion Family.  All housing contracts are void without penalty.  The NEC further recommends that departments and posts follow the lead of national, but that decision rests entirely in the hands of the leadership of departments and posts.  Irrespective of whether or not departments decide to hold conventions or some type of electronic communications for the purpose of electing officers, please be advised that the NEC recommends that you keep all current officers in place until next year.  National will be retaining all national officers, all commission and committee chairmen, and all commission, committee and council members until they resign or are replaced or reappointed during the October 2021 meeting of the National Executive Committee.

Resolution #3 also stipulates that the per capita dues for the American Legion National Organization will remain at $18.50 for 2021.

Should you have any questions concerning this memo or if I have left out anything that is important to you, please direct an email to me at and I will respond as soon as I can.  If you have legal questions, please have your NEC or your department judge advocate direct those questions to the National Judge Advocate at, but be aware that he cannot provide legal advice, only general information.  Questions concerning American Legion Baseball, and insurance or registrations for same should go to Americanism Director Jill Druskis at