The annual Vets of Valor Radiothon will return to Veterans Day, November 11, this year. The radiothon will run from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is available for you to listen both over the air at KIOA (93.3FM) or online.
The proceeds from this radiothon are used through The American legion of Iowa to primarily assist veterans and their families with financial problems that cannot be addressed by any other program.
The twelve month period from 11/1/2019 to 10/31/2019 had grants totaling $152,357 awarded to 114 veterans for help with medical and maintenance needs. Maintenance includes utilities, rent and mortgage, vehicle and other similar expenses.

That far exceeded last years’s income of $59,590 causing us to dip rather deeply into our reserve. We need to start rebuilding that reserve but only can do that through the generosity of the citizens of Iowa.
You can donate now online or you can wait until Veterans Day and donate then. If you wait and donate during the radiothon, watch for the matching hours when sponsors will match your donation.
5% of the donations are used to support the Department Service Office. The fiscal Year-End results show that the work of The American Legion is vitally needed in supporting the veterans of Iowa. Look for those numbers in a later article in this newsletter.

Volunteers Needed at Vets of Valor

We need Legion family members that are willing to donate a few hours of their time for Vets of Valor along with the dollars. We have a few spots on the phone bank that need to be filled along with people at the doors at Prairie Meadows asking for donations. We have set up an online signup spot for anyone who is willing to come to Prairie Meadows for a few hours on Veterans Day. We honor all veterans on Veterans Day. What better way to honor them then to spend a few hours working to help those who need us most.