After each election, an active, involved Legionnaire is chosen to be the Department of Iowa’s primary contact with each of our Senators and Representatives. Those Legionnaires are selected based on two factors, the strength of their relationship with the Senator or Representative and their knowledge and willingness to advocate with that Senator or Representative for the legislative priorities of The American Legion.

The Legionnaires chosen will have a strong personal relationship with their Senator or Representative. That relationship is needed particularly at times when immediate and personal contact with lawmakers is necessary on a particular issue. That relationship combined with a knowledge of The American Legion’s policies creates effective advocacy. The American Legion can help generate that policy knowledge but the Legionnaire is responsible for creation of the relationship.

Do you have that kind of relationship with one of our Senators or Representatives? Is Senator Grassley, Senator Ernst or Representative Axne in your personal cell phone directory? Is newly elected Representative Hinson or Feenstra in your list of friends? If so, you should think about applying for a position on The American Legion’s National Legislative Council. We will also be looking for a representative to serve with Representative Miller-Meeks or Representative Hart whichever is declared the final winner in that district. If you fit that description for one of them, please consider applying.

The application form and a performance agreement are on the Iowa Department webpage. The application form asks which Senator or Representative you have a relationship with and asks you to describe that relationship. This position demands integrity since the performance agreement requires that if selected you will use your position on the Legislative Council only for those issues pertaining to The American Legion. Discussing personal issues of concern with the elected official is of course possible but must be kept separate from the Legislative Council discussions.

A fuller description of the position is also available on the webpage. Selection of the Legionnaires to fill these positions will be made by the Department leadership. National Headquarters has asked that we submit individuals for these positions by December 22. If you wish to be a candidate, we need you to act quickly to complete and submit the application. Please have your application completed no later than December 18.

National Legislative Council Guidelines (PDF)
Legislative Council Agreement Sample (PDF)