The following individuals and posts were the recipients of an award and/or scholarship for the 2018-2019 year:

Program Name Award
Boys State Geoffrey Astor, Post #130 (Ft. Dodge) SAL Band Award
Blake Perkins, Post #219 (Arlington) SAL Chorus Award
Samuel Sirna, Post #59 (Story City) Andy Haverman Scholarship
Trejahn Manning, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) Donald E. Johnson Outstanding Citizen Award
Patrick Junker, Post #403 (Van Meter) Boys State Governor Scholarship & Boys Nation
Samuel Harrison, Post #199 (Sioux Center) SAL Scholarship Lt. Governor
Luke Prendergast, Post #653 (Denver) Boys Nation
Kyler Sander, Post #31 (Lake City) Boys Nation Alternative 1
Animesh Joshi, Post #620 (West Des Moines) Boys Nation Alternative 2
Jacob James, Post #2 (Council Bluffs) Samsung Finalist
Cole Lindaman, Post #246 (Clarion) Legal Merit Award
John Alex Baker, Post #98 (Clarinda) Keith Baker Scholarship
Isaiah Wagner, Post #274 (Baldwin Patterson, Des Moines) SAL Highway Patrol Award
Boy Scouts Ethan Hoefler, Post #137 (Dyersville) Eagle Scout of the Year
Hunter Wright, Post #238 (DeWitt) Runner Up
Logan Van Itallie, (Post not listed) 3rd Place
Fifth Grade Flag Essay Sherry Tang, Post #347 (Le Claire) First Place
Kloey Rine, Post #88 (Shenandoah) Second Place
Jaime Self, Post #407 (Unionville) Third Place
Educator of the Year Kevin Mundt, Post #430 (Durant) First Place
Firefighter of the Year Zackery Harvey, Post #182 (Eldora) Recipient & National Finalist
LEO of the Year Jason Grubbs, Post #37 (Ames) Recipient
Oratorical Patrick Junker, Post #403 (Van Meter) First Place
Thomas Evans, Post #607 (Breda) Second
Jessica Cline, Post #298 (Marion) Third
CPR Community Service Lyle W. Barnes Post #398 (Quimby) Hanford Post Trophy
USS San Diego Post #207 (La Porte City) Becker-Chapman Trophy
Stinocher Post #460 (Solon) Davenport Trophy
Wasmer Post #241 (Le Mars) Warren Post Trophy
Marion Post #298 (Marion) Frank Lewis Glick Trophy
Baldwin Patterson Post #274 (Des Moines) Ames Post Trophy
Second District (85%) William C. Rathke Award
Homer Hall Post #66 (Charter Oak) God and Country Award
Lake Park Post #371 (Lake Park) Educate American Award
Marion Post #298 (Marion) Public Relations Award
Doornink-Brunsting Post #199 (Sioux Center) Operation Troop Support Award
Scherrman-Peterson Post #656 (Farley) Step Up Award
Wasmer Post #241 (Le Mars) Service to Community, State & Nation Award
CPR Children & Youth Scherrman Peterson Post #656 (Farley) Most Outstanding
Howard Cessna Post #136 (Albia) Overall Runner Up
West Union Post #15 (West Union) Category 1 Overall
Swisher Post #671 (Swisher) Category 2 Overall
Wasmer Post #241 (Le Mars) Category 3 Overall
Marion Post #298 (Marion) Category 4 Overall
Junior Shooting Sports Sydney Krejci, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) First Place Overall
Adrianna Campos, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) Second Place Overall
Ayden Wells, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) Third Place Overall
Sydney Krejci, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) Age Category 1 – First
Adrianna Campos, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) Age Category 1 – Second
James Masteller, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) Age Category 1 – Third
Ayden Wells, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) Age Category 2 – First
Arion Cartagena, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) Age Category 2 – Second
Cecilia Zaragoza, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) Age Category 2 – Third
Annabell Forbes, Post #457 (Lone Tree) Age Category 3 – First
Abigail O’Rear, Post #671 (Swisher) Age Category 3 – Second
Kiara Hallett, Post #27 (Muscatine) Age Category 3 – Third
Des Moines North, Post #374 (Hiland Park, Des Moines) First Place Team
Mumm’s Jr. Rifles, Post #457 (Lone Tree) Second Place Team
Swisher Sharpshooters, Post #671, (Swisher) Third Place Team
Legionnaire of the Year Cliff Ripke, Post #288 (Hartley) Recipient
Baseball* Cody Deardorff, Dubuque Co. Baseball, Post #6 (Dubuque) 2019 American Legion Baseball Player of the Year Scholarship & plaque
(Awarded the following year)
Dubuque County Baseball, Post #528 (Cascade), Post #6 (Dubuque), Post #137 (Dyersville), Post #650 (Epworth), Post #656 (Farley) Championship Team
Woodbury County Baseball, Post #662 (Sgt. Bluff) Runner Up
IALPA Bellevue Post #273 Category 1 – Single Sheet
Gladbrook Post #127 Category 2 – Multiple Sheet
Bellevue Post #273 Category 3 – Electronic
Dubuque Post #6 Category 4 – Website
Color Guard Competition J.L. Shryer American Legion Post #430 (Durant) Military Open Class & Advance and Retire Colors Class Winners

*2018 Baseball Player of the Year awarded at 2019 Department Convention – Gannon O’Brien, Dubuque County Baseball, Post #528 (Cascade)