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Paid Up For Life

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Paid Up For Life (PUFL)

Note:  New rates became effective October 1, 2009.


PDF Document Paid Up For Life Brochure which includes the following:
Rate Chart
Time Payment Agreement

Paid Up For Life Membership - PUFL

Most Buy At Dues-Paying Time

The average Legionnaire is most likely to decide to become a Paid-Up-For-Life member at the time when dues are usually paid for the coming year. Post commanders, adjutants, and membership workers are asked to make sure their members know that with one payment they can take care of dues for all future years.

PUFL is Not A Discount Membership

The National Constitution & By-Laws of The American Legion is very clear that "there shall be no form or class of membership except an active membership, and dues shall be paid annually or for life." Everyone must pay their fair share to support the organization. The National Paid-Up-For-Life plan was established for convenience only, giving members an alternative to paying dues on an annual basis.

Must Be In Good Standing

The member must be in good standing to become a Paid-Up-For-Life be in good standing, he/she must have a valid membership card for the current year. The post adjutant must certify that member's good standing before forwarding the application.

Membership Card

Each Paid-Up-For-Life member receives a permanent plastic card, as well as an annual paper membership card, directly from national, to verify continuing membership in The American Legion. The annual card will be mailed in June or July of each year. Upon request, a replacement card can be provided at no charge to the member.


Previously there was a 10% minimum deposit required. Under the change to the PUFL program, the member must only include the first month's payment, as noted on the rate chart. If the member chooses to pay more than the minimum deposit, the remaining balance will be divided into 35 additional payments, which will decrease the amount of the monthly payment. National will continue to forward payment coupons to the member once the application has been accepted and processed. A New option has been added to give the member the opportunity for automatic monthly credit card billing.

Members may pay the full amount at the time of application. To calculate the total cost of a PUFL membership, the member (or post officer) will need to find the monthly payment on the rate chart and multiply by 36. PLEASE NOTE: The total fee must be entered on the front of the application, regardless of whether the member is paying in full or choosing the Time Payment Plan.

Beginning October 1, 2009, all PUFL applications must be accompanied by a copy of the member's separation form (DD214 or similar) or a copy of their current active duty military identification. If nether is available, provide a brief explanation and include a copy of the member's current driver's license. The PUFL application will not be processed if eligibility documentation is not provided and will be returned to the Department Headquarters for resolution.

Time Payment Plan

The Time Payment Plan has been extended to a 36-month payment period (previous plan was 12 months). The rate chart on the application reflects the monthly payments amounts instead of the full payment due.

Members who choose to participate in the Time Payment Plan must complete the Participation Agreement on the back of the application. Any forms received without signature will be retuned to the department for correction.

For more information on the Paid-up-for-Life Membership Plan:
contact PUFL Processing at 317-630-1221 or 1-800-433-3318.

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