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American Legion

of Iowa



"We Continue to Serve in Peace as We Served in War."


What is the American Legion of Iowa Foundation?


Incorporated Nov. 29, 1978 as the charitable entity of the Iowa Department of The American Legion, the Foundation was organized as a mechanism for the Legion to provide financial assistance to promote Americanism, youth programs, veterans rehabilitation and community service in the state of Iowa.


Since 1979, over $1.4 million has been contributed in support of veterans' assistance, educational programs, patriotic endeavors and children and youth programs.


The American Legion of Iowa Foundation has accumulated a total permanent endowment fund over $2.0 million. Earnings from this endowment are dedicated to support programs of veterans' assistance, education and patriotic endeavors.


Help Us Continue to Serve


The Foundation's service is an unseen battle against poverty, degenerative youth, complacency and lack of patriotism. One way to fight is through meaningful philanthropy - to assist those who have not been a fortunate as others. Your gift to the Foundation provides you with a role in the building the future - a role of which you can be proud.


We want to continue to better human life through scholarships, help to veterans, and other humanitarian causes. To do this, we need to increase the endowment that provides cash awards.


Every year we receive more requests from such organizations as colleges, veterans hospitals and medical research groups. To help fund these deserving causes we want to continually increase the earning power of the Foundation by increasing the endowment.


"Serve in Peace as We Served in War"


To see your gift to the American Legion of Iowa Foundation in action, just look around your community. Your contribution may provide home eye test kits for preschoolers . . . furnish support for academic endeavors . . .supply needed equipment for adult care facilities . . . and provide easier access for disabled persons. You'll also help give hundreds of young people the opportunity for growth and friendship in a patriotic, drug-free environment.


Your contribution to the Foundation helps build an endowment base that remains in trust so the Foundation will continue forever. Only interest from the principal is used. That interest is providing assistance to communities throughout Iowa in the following areas: Americanism, Children and Youth, Veteran Rehabilitation and Community Service.


Our reach is wide, but there are so many more to help, and the need continues to grow. Without your gifts, donations and memorial bequests, the Foundation would not exist.


With your help, we continue to pay respects to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, by helping their comrades, by caring for and educating their children, and by maintaining the ideals for which they fought and died.

To maintain awards at the current level, the Foundation needs to increase the endowment on a continuing basis. Your contribution makes this a reality.


Together we can strengthen the image of The American Legion and continue "Serving in Peace as We Serve in War."


For further information, contact:
The American Legion of Iowa Foundation
c/o American Legion of Iowa
720 Lyon Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Phone: (515) 282-5068


Grant Applications | Donate to the Foundation


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